Lets Automate Your Process

Why we ?

Is your company investing in employees who are performing a repetitive task with calculation and computations? If yes then we can help you automate such processes. We can easily reduce 10-55% of your employee work force and replace it with software robots which can run accurately 24x7, can take decisions and can be easily deployed or mirrored which will increase the quality and quantity of your process. At BPA Corp we provide software automation services which targets on huge volume processes to low volume processes. Our main mission is to automate accurately, 24x7, run whenever required, achieve volume targets and provide low cost solutions. Please check our Benefit Page for more information.

Services we Provide

At BPA (Business Process Automation) Software Solutions we provide wide range of software automation services in the field of KPO, BPO, Finance, Healthcare & Pharmacy, Multimedia & Marketing, Telecommunication, Transport, Logistics & Shipping, Networking, Real-estate and Printing & Packaging Processes. From learning your Process, Developing automation for the Process, Testing the Process, Perform UAT, Moving to Prod, Processing in Prod, Generating the Outcome Results, Sending Outcome to You for Audit, Receiving your Feedback are the Steps in the Automation Services that we perform. You pay per transaction fee with only $ 100 onetime fee (Development fee). Per transaction fee can be from $ 0.001 to $ 0.1 depending upon the complexity of the process to automate. Please check our Benefit Page for more information

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So why wait? If you want to know more about our services or have any query please email us on contactus@bpacorp.com or fill Contact us form and we will get back to you within 24 hrs.